AN Hey anprim can you help me choose a new username I found out that my old one is being used by a trannie on twitter and I do not exactly like my placeholder WhiteChamp WhiteChamp Give this nigga some name ideas  Give this nigga some name ideas memes
Our politicians have not held up their duty in following the law and representing our vote correctly, and are to be considered terrorists in the eyes of the people's society if they fail to represent them. BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. These government shills who get payed to put systems in place that end up making themselves and the gov more money, finally got the strike of fear that they DESERVE for their failure in representing the people. After all of the riots directed at random people and small businesses, making politicians do the right thing is now considered terrorism Welcome to backwards ville memes
Sent troops to invade Syria starting a new war. Rejoined Paris Accord where the US pays the highest fees and gets nothing in return Rejoined The WHO after they admitted that the way they were currently doing testing was the cause of high case numbers one hour after he was sworn in after they lied about COVID in the start at Chinas request Americans will Now pay more for health insurance and get hefty fines for not having it under Obamacare Gave the power back to Big Pharma and the first action was to increase lowered insulin from pennies back to hundreds Made it so women can not refuse to compete athletically against biological men Revoked keystone pipeline costing 57,000 jobs day one Capital tax jump from 23.8% to 43.4% Small business tax from 29.6% to 39.6% Income tax and payroll tax jum
'DANM NIGGA AINT wineREADIN DAT Honestly this whole capital ordeal illustrates how politics is going to play out from now on regarding the US. Trumptards stormed the capital, lost 4 protesters with dozens more arrested, and accomplished absolutely nothing. They had huge numbers and gained access to the capital, full of some of the most despicable people in human history, and not a single one was hurt or touched. No destruction. Nothing but some pictures taken. Biden was still elected and nothing changed. Furthermore, and most importantly, Trumptards have accomplished the final step in becoming the country's scapegoats. Covid 19 will be blamed on Trump and his followers. The economy's downturn will be blamed on them. Racial tensions and public trust as well. The democrats have everything th
Part 1, from Pewter City Arriving at Route fuckin long part 2, toward Mt. Moon Route 3 is a long winding route leading into Mt. Moon. There are 8 trainers and no items. There is one new pokemon encounter Jigglypuff. This route does have some interesting things to talk about, however. The music for this route is the most common, appearing in routes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22. It also appears in later generations. This route also gives birth to the most iconic quote in pokemon I like shorts They're easy and comfortable to wear One of the trainers also proclaims that you both met in Viridian Forest. Since all trainers besides Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and your Rival are namless, it is entirely possible No item Bug Catcher Reward 2110 Me tv.11 No item Jig uff Le Las
I never understood people who would ignore warnings and get upset about the consequences happening, You made your bed and invited the 5 men, do not be surprised they all have boners. Patron Saint of Chaos I'll never say anything better than this ever again  I'll never say anything better than this ever again meme
The Virgin Vote Has clear political views, but still hesitates before casting his vote Heavily Influenced by media Believes his vote makes a difference to the result The most powerful he has Too scared to join a protest ever felt Thinks he has independent views, but they all come from party political propaganda When approached by campaigners, pretends out of cowardice that he agrees with them lives ina democracy Anonymously debates politics on the internet Actually registered to vote Has never seen a baltot box In his life Simply selzes power for himself, singlehandedly Has no time for fake democracy* Has huge popular support All the world's elites cower at the very mention of his name Does this every time the government does something he disapproves of meme
N other twitler news ve aso found an abso ute y deranged account that obsessively tries to claim that all of hollywood but the ts just hidden person they ve claimed is wansgenders but the person they've just claimed is a hidden FTM is making me ery laugh to anyone who can guess who it is Gabrielle Danny devito Maddie I WAS ABIUT TO SAY THAT GBS DJWODJS Maddie who is it jess Ratto memes