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Tj usiyan Just to be completely clear today, pointed questions like Where is the teargas or Why do not we see more choke slams are not demands for police brutality. They are rhetorical questions meant to highlight the fact that police *do* know how to avoid police brutality memes
Broadway Joe  Joe Namath Career Highlights 3 seconds ago 1 view Just Uploaded A Joe Namath Highlight To My YouTube StrangeVoodooTV  and  On Here Would Love To Have Ya Come By  and  Check It Out Thanks  Just Uploaded A Joe Namath Highlight To My YouTube StrangeVoodooTV  and  On Here Would Love To Have Ya Come By  and  Check It Out Thanks memes
Roosh  rooshv Pants were invented for men, not women. It's impossible for a woman to wear pants jeans, yoga pants, dress pants, leggings, dungarees, etc without sexualizing her body, since they highlight her legs, curves, and rear end. Women who want to be modest should not own pants at all. 8103 tl 359 2163 Replying to rooshv That's a lot of words for nobody will fuck me memes
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