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Eggboi's Top 10 Games of 2020 Day 6 Game of the Year 8 The Stikmin Collection ww Hi Henry Collection Stickmin Collection Oh yeah, sweet nostalgia baby. I'm glad that Innersloth made this collection. There was nothing quite like playing the old flash games with my cousins. Now that Flash is dead technically not gone, but unsafe , it's a life saver that the games were ported over to Steam. Of course, some sacrafices had to be made. The primary cause of this is actually selling a game. I personally had no problems with the $15 dollar price tag, but some might see a problem with it. Some of the pop culture referneces had to be toned down. It's understandable, but some of those old referneces were down right hilarious. In spite of that, the old games are just as much fun as before. All of them

That cat was definitely molested at two years old by a clown BigDickBee17 id 6 As a clown who molests animals of all kinds I think I recognize that cat from a couple of years ago TrippyShits 396 3 Can't wait for all the animal experts to come and say that it's panting because it was molested at 2 years old by a clown lasagna28 2.7K 36 meme

Apparently a guy accidentally tasered himself in the balls and then died of a heart attack while trying to steal a painting yesterday and if we can not all come together over how hilarious that is we may be beyond hope memes

Ford Fischer THREAD I have obtained previously unreleased footage from two bodycams of a July 7, 2020 incident in which ATF Agent James Burk was arrested at gunpoint and tased by two Columbus, Ohio police officers after a community member called 911 unclear if he was truly law enforcement. al officer Joseph Fihe 33.7K views This is fucking hilarious, go watch it This is fucking hilarious, go watch it memes

Russia woke af, they're preparing for Mediaite Russia Blocks Access to PornHub and Tells its People Meet Someone in Real Life, use Tinder and to Increase our population Porn hub sunny.ce THIS IS HILARIOUS BECAUSE THEY ARE HAVING A NEAR IRREVERSIBLE POPULATION CRASH meme