Here's A Complete List Of Democrats Boycotting Trump's Inauguration By Michael Qazvini DailyWWir Congressman John Lewis decision to boycott President elect Donald Trump's inauguration has opened the floodgates to a protest movement choreographed by top Democrats in Congress. To date, 55 Democratic lawmakers have joined Lewis in refusing to attend the ceremonies on January 20. Under the Twitter moniker IStandWithJohnLewis Democrats from California to New York to Texas are essentially throwing a collective temper tantrum in light of Hillary Clinton's stunning loss to the anti establishment figure. Some Democrats are disputing the election results altogether, blaming Russian hacking and the FBI's supposed interference in the days leading up to November 4 for Clinton's shellacking. Others are
Reports. Ambassador Yovanovitch clearly knew more about Burisma than she testified to before Congress We forced the release of an additional 38 pages of records from State showing that a senior Obama State Department official said he was told by a senior Ukraine Prosecutor that he was offered high level access to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign by the same Democratic lobbying firm that worked for Burisma Holdings. This smoking.gun email ties Hunter Biden's Burisma work to an influence peddling operation involving theClinton presidential campaign which the Deep State wanted to cover up meme
Wihvheaton Democracy is precious, Biden said at his inauguration. Democracy is fragile. And at this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed. It's a stirring sentiment, but wrong. Democracy barely survived. If America actually abided by normal democratic principles, Trump would have lost in 2016, after receiving almost three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. The American people did not want this presidency, but they got it anyway, and the result was carnage. In 2020, Trump lost by about seven million votes, but if about 40,000 votes had switched in key states, he would have won anyway. The Senate is split 50 50, but the 50 Democrats represent more than 41 million more Americans than the 50 Republicans. This is not a good system. Joe Biden and Democrats Must Help People Fast Source