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Butterbeer Harry Potter series serves 4 people Ingredients tsp brown sugar water butter salt cup tsp heavy cream, tsp 12 oz bottles cider vinegar heaty cream, rum extract cream soda Steps Ww Combine dater brown small sugar and Stir in butter, salt, vinegar water in small saucepan and cup of heavy cream 6 tbsp Bring to gentle boil and cook, stirring often, until it reaches 240 degrees Let cool to room temperature and stir Combine 2 thsp of brown sugar in rum extract mixture with cup of heavy cream To serve, divide remaining brown sugar mixture between tall glasses Beat with electric mixer for 2 or 3 minutes, until thickened but not completely whipped Fill each glass nearly to the Add cup cream soda to each top with the additional soda glass, stirring to combine Spoon whipped topping over ea
Meet Gary Webb Tn 1996, Gary exposed how the CIA hired drug traffickers, to sell massive amounts of cocaine in the United States, in order to raise untraceable funds to finance a terrorist organization who were trying to overthrow the Nicaraguan government. Thes shipments of cocaine ultimately sparked the crack epidemic that decimated inner cities during the 90's. Asa result Mainstream media vilified Gary Webb and destroyed his career which also destroyed his marriage. But he refused to back down. In 2004 he was found dead with 2 bullet wounds to his head. His death was ruled a suicide. This man literally lost everything to give us a glimpse of the truth. Do not bet his memory or what he stood for fade meme
Like sports, cooking, lover, travel lam looking serious relationship who like me like my parents do lam 20 years old I am from Thailand Have plan to live in abroad entire life with bf still looking for Before you text plz read my bio lam here for serious relationship not friend so if you do not serious then do not text me And dont ask Hi ,How are you it such a boring It tired to answer every one But they not serious Well if you're trying to live abroad I'm in Hawaii right now is that good enough I'd also love to live in another country someday Bo Ah see I'll take that as maybe sent Girl asked for more interesting messages but couldnt get her to say a single word, hm yo memes
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One Like SIERI  HUNTERY One Answer Leasi Fav Game  Fav Flagship  Least Fav'Game  Fay, Flying Wyvern  Recent Played Game   FaviBird Wyvern  First Weapon  FaywBrute Wyvern  FaviWeapon  Elder Dragon  least Fav Weapon Fay Subspecies  Recent Variant  fanmade Weapon  Gay Deviant  Fav Monster  Fanmade Monster I've only gotten around to fighting Snow Baron Lagombi and Hellblade Glavenus so uhhh glavenus I guess  I've only gotten around to fighting Snow Baron Lagombi and Hellblade Glavenus so uhhh glavenus I guess meme
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Left Authoritarian Working Class Kid Thinks hippies are a bunch of rich f*gg*ts Just turned 21 but not voting disillusioned with politics Might be a sleeper agent the draft Teen Girl Doesn't know which candidate she hates more, Humphrey, Nixon or Wallace Has been fighting for civil rights since she was twelve years old Last time she bathed was three weeks ago and is permanently on an acid trip Wishes he was old enough to vote for Wallace cause he served for two years Him and his buddies in Vietnam and has became often harass black kids Plans on dodging Apolitical I think Humphrey is a good moderate liberal but daddy says women aren't allowed to think Likes to listen to Nancy Sinatra Racist Bully Pa says Nixon is a Jew anda Wannabee Cowboy His father owns a succesful hardware store Has read