Quarantine Diary Day qy of 21  got a souvenir from the gov Soon after I landed in Hong Kong, the airport staff gave me a GPS tracking wristband that has a unique QR code. I had to download an app and register the wristband on the app. As soon as I arrived at my hotel room, I had to activate the wristband and walk around for 60 seconds so the app knows the exact perimeters of my room. If I ever walk outside, the app will notify the gov Real talk, this wristband kinda makes me feel like a prisoner, but I'm thoroughly impressed by the technology Not gonna lie though it's really in the way when I work out LOL Note it's ILLEGAL to leave your hotel room Note 2 you'll get fined up to HKD $25,000 USD $3,200 and go to jail for up to 6 months if you break the law thy Wanna know more See my blog in t
Have been noticing an increase in obvious Chinese government accounts on sites like Twitter and YouTube hey pretend to be normal but they only follow other News Hen Kong opposition voating natanal Dozens nf Hong Kng opposition stivists blank accounts that only spread Chinese nationalist on propaganda. Strange. olds these thugs responsible Very good PM Jan'21 for Phone 9 For example, this account is blank, Follow and only follows Max accounts similar to it, and only spreads Easter District, Hong Kong ere.com.hk propaganda by the Joined January 2017 Chinese government against democracy. Not followed by anyone you're following Tweets Media Likes China government The LYING DIPLOMACY of SecPompeo and US StateDept has taught the world that lies have vast and terrible consequences on its reputa
From 31 January 2021, a new visa will be available to Hong Kong British National Overseas citizens BNOs and their close family members. Under the new route, the UK government estimates that 5.4 million Hong Kong residents will be eligible to move to the UK and eventually become British citizens. Nov 23, 2020 The new Hong Kong British National Overseas visa  Migration Observatory  About featured snippets Feedback Actually poggers, UK is doing more for Hong Kong than we did.  Actually poggers, UK is doing more for Hong Kong than we did meme