Lego Yoda 5 days ago On December 21st, 2021, in REDACTED County, Georgia, a noise of high frequency began playing on radios in the area. Shortly after, many of those exposed to the noise spontaneously split in half, causing 156 confirmed deaths. It has been noted that women exposed to the noise are far more likely to be split as compared to men exposed to the noise. The location of the broadcast has been traced to an abandoned home in REDACTED, which has been investigated to have been abandoned for 20 years. Any radio within 20 feet of the house will begin to ring, which will grow louder depending on proximity to the house. Radios cease ringing upon entering the house, and begin to emit an audible beeping noise that grows faster when approaching a location or object. Source of the ringing

Fellas, you do not know how good life is and how scary death is until you have love. For those who think that they'll never have love or type in the comments, like that'll ever happen You're only going to be forever alone because you've resigned yourself to that possibility. That sort of nihilism is not attractive to women and more than anything, it means you're never going to bother trying to find someone. If you're disillusioned by horror stories or bad experiences and afraid to put yourself out there then you're not doing yourself any favors. As bad as the worst dating experiences can be, finding love is infinitely better and more than worth wading through shitty people to find the one. Never forget that your one is out there but you're not gonna find them by not looking or wallowing in