Coldest February Temperatures TX Weather Forecast Office Issued February 11, PM CT Here is some miscellaneous temperature data which hopefully will provide a frame of reference about how cold the upcoming weather is going to be and how uncommon these very cold temperatures actually are. The values will Indicate the coldest temperature ever recorded for these locations and also the coldest temperature ever recorded during the month of February, the coldest February 16  which will be the coldest day of this cold snap and the current forecast minimum temperature for the 16 . Location All time Coldest Temperature aP 131 1949 City of Houston Houston Hobby Galveston. College Station Coldest Temperature I Coldest February I Current Forecast Value in February 2 13 1899 1951 215 1899 16th for Febru
Weather Forecast Office TX AWinter Weather Advisory is currently these in effect for parts of SETX Winter Weather Products Winter Storm Watch Winter Storm Watches are issued when, conditionsare favorabletor significant winter storm event, but Luncertaintystill emains in the forecast. AWinter Storm Watch can be transitionedinto a Winter Storm Warning Winter Weather Advisory be cancelled ifthe conditionsare no longer favorable Be Prepared Winter Weather Advisory Winter Weather Advisories are issued when wintry precipitation canbe either snow, ice, sleet, ora combination is expected, but conditionsshould not be hazardous enough to meet warning criteris, Forthe Houston area, a Winter Weather Advisory isissued when winter preciptationis expected, but Less than inches of snow is expected Less th