My plug really broke up w me PM Find another plug I'm very in love with you and I want you so bad but you just do not give a fuck about me maybe it's because you hate commitment and wanna be free because I know you hate being tied down so I respect that but every time you hmu for your order my heart races like crazy your voice is just so god damn soft and nice I hate you I deleted your number be safe Dani I love you hope you find shrooms as good as mine Message memes
Q SyHow ALL YOUTUBERS Al Liked by mrs.whistlindiesel and 132,817 others whistlindiesel Damn life went up. Where are the whistlin You remember what I said about always WHOLE ASS'in everything Well I'm super OCD about my channel. I will never downgrade my content. So I may have opportunities for but I'm not going to make mediocre. When you come to my channel I want you to 100% know the click is worth it no matter what the is about. I want to make everyone else's like watching paint dry. Just know when they come. they be good. This is also how quality is preserved instead of going stale and fading out like the 15 mins of fame haters love to refer to. Also I've bought something that's worth more than all of these combined times 20 View all 1,572 comments drdemolitionmatt When I
If you remember my post from yesterday about dressing nice I mentioned how my fav investor has stopped people before to tell them how to improve their look. I just read an article about it and Im sorry but it is funny af some of the shit he's said. Best Bill Ackman moments Asked a classmate when in business school if she was going for a streetwalker look told another classmate You know, I'm just saying this because I have your best interests at heart, but you have too much makeup on. Told Stephen Fraidin, a partner at Kirkland and Ellis You're old, you're fat and you're invaluable, and I want you to lose weight. Has stopped literal strangers on the street to reccomend his personal trainer Has told random strangers on the street ways he thinks they could improve his outfits Honestly ngl big
Let's go ona dateI as a boyfriend and girlfriend couple. I'm serious about this Midoriya chan, like you and I want you. After 4 years, let's get married well Think ey Midoriya chan, Jeute ond very I question. What do T you think about me you're alway T'm curious to know say stuff what  what do you think yor mind Ps meme
America needs to and I want you to think of me as your caring nurse And I'm a sexy nurse, too. Like the dames in those old timey World War Il movies. With Big Bazoombas BIDEN OELIVERS INAUGURAL ADDRESS  And an ass that do not quit. I I NEWS Biden I'm wearing some black lace or something under my snug little frock Biden Cont.  Heck, maybe I'm wearing nothin at all  Zoning out JOE BIDEN ASSUMES THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES Unprompted singing SMOOOOKIN HOT DENT NUUUUURSE f  What was I talking about The nouguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr memes
Rs penny anna Consider Hobbits unused to carrying swords, initially VERY unclear on when it's appropriate to whip em out Merry and Pippin have a disagreement over, idk, whether cake or pie is better and both draw their swords like HAVE AT THEE meanwhile Aragorn in the background like, boys please, please boys those are sharp penny anna Frodo *napping* Boromir hey Frodo wake up we need to talk Sam he's having his nap sir Boromir Sam please this is important Sam  draws his sword * HE'S HAVIN HIS NAP GO AWAY penny anna Frodo is slightly more sensible  and  very polite Frodo  sees Aragorn with his sword drawn* oh is there trouble. should i get out my sword Aragorn no that's alright Frodo are you sure it's no trouble Aragorn Frodo if i want you to draw your sword I'll. say so alright Frodo ah,
Perhaps I can re arrange them for am YOU I want your pussy in my face so 12 22 aw  bad right now C I wanna see the look on your face when I slip your cock in my mouth, let my tongue twirl on the tip before take it in completely AM C When mouth she finally do shows you what that mouth do MMS AM 1225 AM Omg, AM memes