Hey, did you know that in terms of male human and female PokEmon breeding, Vaporeon is actually not the most compatible Pokemon for humans This sa common and understandable misconception, however Vaporeon has human on Pokmon breedabiity outdassed by t's cousin evolution, Umbreon. Umbreon weights approximately 60 pounds, or around 27 Kelograms, and is 3'3 tall About a meter , maling it not only large enough to appropriately hhandle human genitata, but also ight enough to eastly be ifted, and promptly set back down repeatedly. I's relatively small Size would also prove a tight entry, which is always a good thing. Umbreon also boasts an extremely impressive defensive stat spread. with it's combination of very high HP, Defense, and Special Defense stats, It can take a great pounding and come b
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