Duncan Lemp If you believe in evolution you must also believe homosexuality is a mental illness as evolution is to make people stronger and more efficient to ensure reproduction and if reproduction is literally fucking impossible because you're getting humped instead of you humping lady you're literally a failed example of evolution fuck mods I won't let them remove my gem fuck mods I won't let them remove my gem memes
No Solid Barrier For Pressure Containment Pressurised No Solid Barrier Supposed Vacuum It is impossible to have the Earth's pressurised atmosphere coexisting next to a vacuum without a solid barrier to separate them, the Earth's pressurised atmosphere would immediately equilibrate with a vacuum. Pressurised gas has to be contained within a solid barrier and a vacuum has to be contained within a solid barrier. Space does not exist, it was made up by historic Jesuit astronomers'. There are no genuine photos or film footage of the globe Earth, planets', rockets or satellites in space', they are all photoshopped, composites, paintings and CGI. The Earth is flat and stationary Research it memes
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So relieved Sen. Marino and Hatch, who sponsored the Bill making it impossible to fight the opioid crisis that killed 128 a day and coincidentally got the most money from big pharma in terms of donors, we're able to stay safe yesterday. Feel so bad for our brave lawmakers having to deal with crazy insurrectionist American hating mobs rn lawmakers having to deal with crazy insurrectionist American hating mobs rn memes
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