Inauguration memes

Image disclosetv NEW  WHO has changed their guidance on the use of PCR tests on the day of Biden's Inauguration. They now state a positive result is not in itself an indication of infection with COVID19 and that a test along with a clinical diagnosis is required. WHO Information Notice for VD Users Product type Nucleic acid testing NAT technologies that use real time polymerase chain reaction RT PCR for detection of SARS CoV Date 7  and memes
DAILY WIRE NEWS Thousands Of National Guard Troops To Remain In D.C. Through Mid March BY JON BROWN JANUARY 23, 2021 MIN READ The National Guard said that thousands of troops will remain in Washington, D.C., until mid March. Of the approximately 25,000 National Guard troops who were dispatched to the nation's capital for President Joe Biden's inauguration, around 7,000 remain and about 5,000 are going to stay, a spokesperson told local Fox 5 on Saturday. The National Guard will reportedly continue to assist local law enforcement in the wake of the Capitol riot earlier this month that left five dead and multiple people wounded. seems bit like dictator te me  Hmmm seems a bit like a dictator to me but what do I know memes