Anger is the single greatest motivating tool, second only to survival, even though they are often intertwined. This is proven through various psychological studies if you want to become motivated, you aet anary. Meditative There is an endless array of applicable examples. One well known one comes from Michael Jordan, who used slights against him to fuel his dominance. In one instance, he recalled another player's sarcastic insult to him, let it fester for 24 hours, and then proceeded to drop nearly 40 points in one half on their team. He later admitted the slight was completely made up in his own head How many nights do you think MonarchTrump goes to bed with the phrase Do you support the use of violence against me in his head All of them. This is precisely he is untouchable Threats of har
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Up Katie Pavlich KatiePavlich KatiePavlich THIS IS INSANE Washington Examiner  dcexaminer In an effort to be trans friendly, a hospital is advising nurses to no longer use words such as breastfeeding and breast milk.  Human milk and chest milk are the more acceptable terms for midwives to use memes