COMPLEX Mob Member Photographed in Speaker Pelosi's Office Arrested in Arkansas and Charged READ Richard Barnett, member perhaps best known for his participation in the violent invasion of the this week, has been arrested and hit with a trio of federal counts. This is the media smh This is the media smh memes
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Invasion of Independence Day Part of the 4chan  Tumbir War Masses of feminists and beta whiteknights weep the tears of anal annihilation. Date 4 July 2014 Location Result Decisive 4chan victory Belligerents 4chan Tumbir Commanders and leaders pol  Politically Various Incorrect prominent feminists b  Random and bloggers Strength 20 shitposters 500 feminists, hamplanets, hipsters and beta whiteknights Casualties and losses 2 hours of time 37 resurfaced awful memories 16 large scale panic attacks 3 alleged suicides memes
The top right image is Halo 4 concept art of the Long Night of Solace, the CSO class supercarrier we destroyed in Halo Reach. It seems they had thought about making a multiplayer map set in the ship's crash site, which would have been pretty cool, imo. Obviously, it was cut, but it wouldn't have been the only Halo 4 or 5 multiplayer map with a connection to events of past games. There are others like this, but take Regret top left in Halo 5. It takes place on a ship shot down at the Battle of Installation 04. The maps Landfall and Fathom are directly connected to the Covenant invasion of the Epsilon Eridani system where Reach is . What are some events from past games that you think could make interesting settings for a few multiplayer maps in Halo Infinite meme