Squisn soft gf sm affections constantly telling u how beautiful u r built in mine mine mine pillows lots of butt squishy cheeks v kinky lil tummy will cry if u yell but also will get wet giggles at ur prettier than the all ur jokes stars fuzzy hair will kiss u lots big sweaters wants to sit on everywhere ur lap teases u lots loves to hold buys u things but ur hand not allowes to be soft hands wants sm puppies n bought things kitties clingy plays w ur hair lots cute dates  ur my everything, anon rough sex insecure but will sleeps too much but wear minimal doesn't mind if u rin jealous, lots of clothing around u bed too jealous make me memes
Literallythekremlin me, getting mauled by a cougar some PETA person standing nearby this is what you get for eating meat m eowdly I mean if not being vegan gets me rawed by a milf literallythekremlin i literally cant post anything on this site meme
All Characters here are Written by me Btw The art my friend Finds for me but all characters ive written and deleted and rewrote countless times. It takes time to post another as I usually need to find a spark of insperation, Some characters are from short stories ive written, Some just come to mind so you'll see a variety Hope you all Enjoy and I saw a comment asking me ab this on a post but I deleted it before responding, So I figured Id clarify meme