Post 2010 Dave Grohl yeah nirvana was a dysfunctional band and *plays fucki pop rock* and *plays fucking pop roc said billie eyelash keeps rock alive because his daughters listen to her focuses on one band only just to release repetitive songs WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS IT SOUNDS LIKE FUCKING IMAGINE DRAGONS uhh yeah so here's the same riff with different lyrics Started a whole band to have a purpose in life ater Kurt's death and basically invented a new subgenre of post grunge rock Never aid to criticise and had Nirvana  and  earl Foo Fiohters Dave Had his own Got called a track in In Utero genius drummer by Kurt himself dynamic, fluid drumming played with NIN, QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures and dozens of other bands Style is a physical manifestation of grunge Never aid to criticise and diss oth
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Anonymous ID No Replies  429415573 Be 15 or 16, do not remember Have really slow bowel movements all my life, do maybe 1 shit every 2 weeks In.class Suddenly get a really sharp pain in my stomach Start to feel nauseous and really dizzy Ask the teacher can I go to the toilet Stumble towards the bathroom fading in and out of consciousness Finally get in and collapse on the floor Feel really hot so I strip completely naked Sit myself up on the toilet Sweat is pouring off me and I'm barely able to sit upright Push with all my might Start shitting like I've never shat before it keeps coming and stopping Pass out for minute or two Wake up on the floor covered in piss Resume my shitting 1 hour later Finally finished, clean myself off and check the toilet it's almost full to the top with diarrhoea
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GameStop Game GameStop Heads up A limited number of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XI S, AND Nintendo Switch console bundles will be available tomorrow on We'll let you know when they're live, but you might want to turn on post notifications so you do not miss out Forgot to post this earlier so if any of y'all have been looking here ya go lol  Forgot to post this earlier so if any of y'all have been looking here ya go lol meme
How to find abandoned building Look for demolition fence or fence thats closed Be careful if already destroyed Look for cracked driveway or parking lot with weed growing through it Look for mold on siding, roof, vines growing, general overgrowth or missing of roof Rarely but sometimes houses have power This is in my 1990s era neighborhood WOW Use google earth to investigate and cont be afraid to bike drive down every long driveway or street Sometimes the collest places are at the dead end of a street and therefore lesser known because less traffic Patterns may be noticed meme
Thread Daniel Greenberg ChiSportUpdates Kris Bryant said on Red Line Radio that he thought the Chicago Cubs really had a chance to get Bryce Harper. Kris said Bryce told him during dinner that Chicago was on top of his list. Kris  Bryce really loves Chicago. I'm kinda bummed out that we missed on that opportunity.   meme
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