Jack Hello everyone, I'm Jack Lubash, and I am once again joined by iFPW superstar, Jaysin Strife. Thank you Jaysin. Jaysin Thanks for having me. Jack So, Jaysin, Austin Aries has once again placed you in a high stakes environment, placing you in a tag team match with Antonio Cesaro to face Chuck Taylor and Seth Rollins. What have you to say about that I'm nat worried in the slightest. While my opponents boast some hefty competition, I'm confident in my ability to win. This is a big test for me, and know 've gat what it takes. Jack And what about your tag team partner Antonio Cesaro I'm sorry, Who Look dont need anybody in my corner, I especially do not need anybody getting in my way. And that's all he's going to clo. I'm perfectly fine being self sufficient and self dependent. do not need
Jack Saint LackingSaint wow haha that's so weird that in the middle of this global pandemic a bunch of already rich people have made so much money at the exact same time millions of people are losing their homes and livelihoods hahaha what a silly coincidence The Verge verge Elon Musk passes Jeff Bezos to become the richest person on Earth 32 12,181 memes
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