Tweet Jim Cramer  jimcramer NOT  al aA  hard Hard NEWS Cathie Wood My GameStop Price Target is $4,000 BY JOHN W. B. RICH ON JANUARY 22, 20 Facebook Twitter ameStop shares have skyrocketed this morning as destroyed Citron Research's short position. Now, a tech whale is entering the trade ARK Invest's Cathie Wood initiated a GameStop long position with a price target of $4,000. Early last year, Wood was ridiculed for her $4,000 Tesla price target. However, she was vindicated tl memes
Jim Carey  JimCarrey Today I'm giving a shout out to born leader and political superstar Stacey Abrams who rescued Georgia from the Red Hats. Their resistance makes all loving hearts stronger and more resolved. Thank you Stacey for the content of your character. Dr. King would be so proud of you. 1854 Tl 3248 memes
Pte. Jim Burton and Cpl. Bob Walker blow the froth from cans of American beer during a break from digging in operations, June 18, 1966.  Pte. Jim Burton and Cpl. Bob Walker blow the froth from cans of American beer during a break from digging in operations, June 18, 1966 memes
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REPORT OVER 2 MILLION GUNS PURCHASED IN JANUARY 2021 ALONE JIM YOUNG Images LISTEN TO STORY A report by the Washington Post indicates over two million guns were sold during January 2021. The Post reports the sales figures represent the third highest one month total on record. March 2020 saw gun sales surge above two million amid coronavirus shutdowns and stay at home orders. Then the May 25, 2020, death of George Floyd spawned social unrest that fed into even higher gun sales of 2.8 million in June and 2.5 million in July. memes
Episode 16 Rogue One, A Star War Debate Aliens Definitely, Bigfoot Probably B DEC 12, 2020 12MIN LEFT PLAY Pat and Jim venture back into the galaxy far far away once more as they discuss one of the few things that they disagree on Is Rogue One a good Movie Jim takes the position that it is, while Pat holds that it isn't, but Jim writes the captions for these episodes, so, Search your feelings, you know its true. Have strong opinions about Star Wars or a conspiracy theory you want to share with us Email us at Alignsdetinitelypodeasti2gmailcom Also consider sponsoring the show at Anchor. fan. Was Rogue One a good Star Wars movie I do not think so but check us out and find new reasons to hate me Was Rogue One a good Star Wars movie I do not think so but check us out and find new reasons to ha
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