Ul  Smithsonian Here right here is when the world started going to hell. Join me brothers and sisters, eschew the fork, roll up your sleeves, and eat the way God intended Vote for me in 2024. I promise to redeem this once great nation, beginning with a full scale ban on forks and all fork devices. votetheforkoff married he doge's son. At the time most Europeart still ate with their fingers and knives, so the tie Greek bride's newfangled implement is seen as sinfully decadent by local God in his wisdom has provided man with natural forks his fingers, one of the disdainful Venetians said. Therefore it is an insult to him to substitute artificial metal forks for them when eating. When the bride died of the plague a few years later, Saint Peter Damian opined that it was God's punishment for he
I am tired of how the government treats us i shall show that we are woke. no longer shall the lot of us fight for scraps or be content with the fact that we are broken and will turn 20 years into 2 weeks. i want others to join to show that we are a nation of strength because if we can bring down the stock exchange because of anger then we are able to come together in unison please show US government that we are not a force to be messed with if you feel oppressed then you should voice your opinion. i know what this nation is capable of and look forward to what others can do. stop being stupid sheep. hate me but hate this shitty government more before your a number. WAKE UP NOW DO IT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE memes
Hey, join this discord We more play open dnd world on feel large scale with a more open world feel rather than doing sessions. link is  Hey, join this discord We play dnd on a large scale with a more open world feel rather than doing sessions. link is ANkNrYt memes
RUMOR FREE AGENT RB JAMES WHITE HAS SERIOUS INTEREST IN JOINING THE PACKERS this would be a very interesting 1 2 punch with Dillon. Depends on what he wants but this would be a good addition  this would be a very interesting 1 2 punch with Dillon. Depends on what he wants but this would be a good addition memes
Please join me in welcomin What the ARRRR YE SCURVY RIDDEN DAWG  ARR WALK THE PLANK Heh. Ya see when Christian came out last week and put on that little SOB STORY Gene, where he said DONT GIVE UP FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS Ol Roddy Piper here shed a lil tear heh heh. Cuz I came to wew looking for wars I came for vengeance Heh. wanted to swing from ship to ship and take them over one by one And that speech was like blackbeard raising his black flag So imagine my dissapointmenttttt when LAND on these SHORESSSS 1 come face to face with the big bad HIMSELF THE WORLD CHAMPION out just My. Well you did lose agains YAH I KNOW I lost last week buddy But guess what  So did he We BOTH got something to prove tonight But there's a DIFFERENCE Yah Christian's the world champ He's a top dawg in his field But wou
$0 why do you want to join the Corps 7 Well I heard that out of all the branches, Marines are the most hardcore and totally badass SHE'S REAL TO ME, STAFF SERGEANT I THOUGHT I TOLO YOU TO THROW THAT FUCKING THING AWAY Created by Maximilian Uriarte 2019 memes
Astonishing fraud Evil Pfffizer Fake vaccines by tehbiepzxpxpta Yesterday at PM tehbiepzxpxpta New User Posts 1 Threads 1 Joined Dec 2020 Reputation Evidences of the BIG DATA SCAM of Pfizer's vaccines Pfizer hacked by people who use anime pfps Pfizer hacked by people who use anime pfps memes
By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones I February 8, 2021 Computers in China used to conduct a cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 US. election by switching votes from President Trump to Joe Biden were purchased by Bohai Harvest RST Shanghal Equity Investment Fund. Management Co., Ltd, BHR , sources say. The investment fund BHR was founded in 2013, Hunter Biden joined the BHR board of directors and took an equity stake while his father was Vice President. In response to a question from The Post, White House press secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged that Hunter Biden was still an investor in Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity Investment Fund Management Co., known as BHR, the New York Post reported on February 5,2021 An Act Of War China's cyberwarfare attack on the U.S. presidential election was an act of w