People like celestial beings I'm like astronaut Traveling through the cosmos Visiting people as I go A journey of my own Trying to keep in touch But lost in the distance Is how I keep my peace do not fuck with people, all they bring is drama  I don't fuck with people, all they bring is drama memes
DISCOMFORT. When you are on your healing j journey especially in the beginning you will experience discomfort on pretty much every level possible. This is completely normal. Teach yourself to sit with it and observe it. Hold your own hand as you walk through the darkness. You will find your way out eventually. I promise memes
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Oh hail beautiful Sun, Who blesses the men of day, Oh hail glorious Sun, Who may try as they might but cannot lead the wolf astray, Oh hail intrepid Sun, Who's journey gifts the land with grace, Oh hail swift Sun, Whom we pray never loses thy race, Oh hail fated Sun, Who like us must wyrd abide, Oh hail tragic Sun, For on the end of days the wolf will bite thy golden hide memes