Did you know there are more planes underwater than submarines in the s Unless, of course, you consider fish submarines. Using the argument we're neurons piloting a bone mech', the same concept can be applied to fish and since fish live underwater, then they must be submarines for their nervous system. 1950CrimsonChin And since multiple species of fish jump out of the water, it can be deduced that at any given moment there are probably more submarines in the sky than airplanes in the ocean. 1950CrimsonChin memes

In Japan today, animated TV shows filled with all kinds of fancy robotlike, mechanical creations are all the rage. I have certainly drawn lots of mecha, or mechanical things, myself. But the general theme of currently popular shows seems to be that the protagonist jumps in a giant machine he couldn't possibly have created on his own, battles the enemy in it, and then boasts about winning. I frankly hate these kind of shows. I do not care what types of robots are featured. For me, in a truly successful mecha show the protagonist should struggle to build his own machine, he should fix it when it breaks down, and he should have to operate it himself.  Hayao Miyazaki Special exhibitions edit} In addition to Ghibli oriented exhibitions, the museum hosts an area showcasing work from other studio

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