Comments 4.2K Rainbow6 RUSSIA Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our Community Guidelines Shaun Kennedy 1 month ago Add a public comment This guy is my gf's gynecologist, she seems to really enjoys visits to the clinic Such a great helpful guy 5.5K Gp meme
This will be a clean rp hum quietly as i walk on top of large stones next to a pond, my arms held out to my sides to help keep me balanced, tilting my head do one side then the other as quieyly played by myself, my ears and tail hidden by a baggy hoodie that went down to my knees, it being a mimikyu hoodie with the ears on the hood. I had been at the park almost a month now, having been left here by my owner after he got sick of taking care of me, not caring what happened to me. After the first night id made a small bed in a hollow tree surrounded by tall flowers. I carried an umbreon stuffed animal with me ever ywhere* You can either be someone who notices me cop, neko catcher, friend of my owner or another neko who talks their owner into keeping me Pick any from my page. Age will be disc
How to keep a diary niche.athena keep something beside pick one with a you while you write design that suits you like a candle or tea one that inspires you add small things to your entries like drawings, photos, and dried flowers remember you do not keep poems inside, have to just write create lists, write down about the day you had dreams you've had meme
Anosognosiogenesis Every heartwarming human interest story in america is like he raised $20,000 to keep 200 orphans from being crushed in the orphan crushing machine and then never asks why an orphan crushing machine exists or why you'd need to pay to prevent it from being used meme
5.56 Pisro. wrrn Brace le 9 MLOK Fret Fioat Avuminum HanoGuarp Entarced Triccer Guaro M LOK Accessory Sots RUG08570 Remember that the ATF classifies this as a pistol.  Remember that the ATF classifies this as a pistol meme
Solved Lyric You'll appreciate the moons around the peach state if you learned this kindergarten rule Lyrie Quote of the Day from 1986 My honey, my baby, do not put my love upon no shelf Comment performing artist and song title to play. Use UnsolvedLyric or UnsolvedBonus for unsolved clues. Subscribe for daily clues. ob KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF memes
DUSTBRINGER day Pooya The choice to live is always purposeful but never motivated in the usual sense. To deploy some helpful Aristotelian jargon, it is directive without being directed. The prediscursive and basic choice to live is the embrace of purpose, of setting awareness and therefore life in reality as a goal, but the psychological survival of this process as something non transient depends upon the selection of a specific purpose over time in order to hold fast and keep close what is choiceworthy in life we cannot keep constantly replenishing our spiritual fuel all anew. So yes, purpose is needed to continue the chain as you say, but this continuation isn't something divisible or separate from the act of focus but its lived implementation, its expression. A life of reason demands pu