On behalf of the family of Kevin Greeson Kevin was an advocate of President Trump and attended the event on January 6, 2021 to show his support. Kevin had a history of high blood pressure and in the midst of the excitement, suffered a heart attack while accidentally tasering himself in the balls. Our family is devastated, and ask that in lieu of flowers Trump supporters taser themselves in the balls in an act of solidarity memes
Kevin Smith Today I hiked runyoncanyon for the first time in a month. A mask less passerby told me Two masks is overkill. I replied Batman wears a mask. The Mask less guy looked at me like I was an idiot. In moments like this, instead of arguing, I like to counter unsolicited opinion with unsolicited fact. KevinSmith wearamask memes
When no one wanted Renegade Raider Season Kevin FORTNITE Nothing really happened after Winterfest FORTHNE The Birth of the Battle Pass the Fortnite x Real Life most Renegade extremely historic event Bootleg Edition. ambitious Crossover OCAOUN DEHOUN D SEASON 2 FOR The Plan Pure chaos wait, Planes Planes go s The birth of Pelly Conga Slipstream go WWOOSH wrong season {an even more historic event we i FORTNITE *collaboration intensifies* SEASON3 Midass kills the storm a WAS Wet Ass Season fortnite short film *collaboration intensifies* Fortnite Episode 15 Return of The Seven hopefully memes
ZonaZealotsFS ZonaZealots HC Jedd Fisch Brennan Carroll DC Don Brown QBs Jimmie Dougherty WRs Kevin Cummings RBs Scottie Graham TEs Jordan Paopao DL Ricky Hunley LBs  maybe Don Brown S Chuck Cecil DeWayne Walker How we feeling about this staff Solid. Feeling optimistic Solid. Feeling optimistic memes
ON Ns Home  News  US Pro abortion protestors disrupt pro life Mass at Ohio cathedral By Kevin Jones Two, four, six, eight, this church teaches hate, the protesters shouted, saying that abortion rights were under attack. Fund abortion, not cops, said one of their signs. Abortion on Demand. End Hyde Now, said another, apparently referring to the Hyde Amendment, which bans most federal funding for abortion. At least two protesters wore vests that read clinic escort on the back. Police and church officials escorted the protestors outside, where some protesters appeared to make obscene gestures at them, according to from The Columbus Dispatch. Disgusting  Disgusting memes
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