Kid meme

File 1382447422353 KB, 491x604, gellett jpa G Anonymous No.512102862 ucked up Joi IVve always talked in my sleep, ever since I was a litle kid say random shit when Im unconscious, my family jokes about t all the time. anyway, be 17, on family vacation to the Grand Canyon long ass road trip, playing I spy, 20 questions all that shit decide to get some sleep dad jokes that Ill say weird shit in my sleep yeah right dad wake up about an hour later caris pulled over, family staring at me Vhat.what's going on  Older brother silently pulls out his phone and shows me a  I'm asleep and mumbling like usual, my whole family is giggling as they record me suddenly I loudly shout yeah mommy, stick your whole finger in my ass  dead silence in the car. Mother is crying sofly while my sister pats her on th