Do not worry about the Supremes. This was the Prelude to document the Great Steal The Big Show is just beginning. So much has yet to happen Shutdown of POTUS account Shutdown of social media Activation of Emergency Broadcast System Storm is upon us speech China communist infiltration exposed Seth Rich killers exposed Julian Assange released Troops deployed Indictments revealed YOU ARE HERE Arrests initiated Guantanamo activated Tribunals Attack on the White House President in Safety Order restored Satanic cults revealed DUMBS revealed Rescued children revealed Crimes against humanity revealed Collapse of the Cabal Collapse of the parties Collapse of the MSM Collapse of Big Tech Collapse of Big Pharma End of the Depopulation Plan Restoration of the Republic meme
Be and MGVeS VAIY no guns allowed, except the ones attached to your shoulders. My best friend Mirage came Float like butterfly and kill like killer butterfly fancy prize fight call it that points and win prizes like Legendary weapon skin and MRVN head charm. ry fancy prize fight I call it that ckers, and a MRVN head charm. Oh, I Float like a butterfly and kill like a killer butterfly points and win prizes like Legendary weapon skins ned it off. That would be sad. INTS 5,000 2,000 2,500 II 3,000 memes