AN Here's 10 beauty blunders you ay be making and how to fix them Sleeping in your makeup Matching foundation on the Here 10 beauty und While we're sleeping, our skin back of your hand regenerates itself. But if our The color of your hand is most pores are stil filled with makeup, likely darker than your face they are unable to breathe because it's more exposed to which disables restoration from the sun. Try matching foundation taking place on the jawline If you want to create a sun kissed glow, use Applying bronzer on your entire face Applying make up to dry skin Hydrating and moisturizing your skin self tanner on your before applying face instead, not up is extremely bronzer important, especially for those with dry skin Not cleaning your brushes Wash your Skipping sunscreen brushes with

What if we kissed as a joke Bruh wt is wrong wit ul I'll fuckin kill ur ass Dude I'm sorry, it was a funny meme I thought you'd like, that's Draymond Green so I I think it's hilarious. How do you know that's Dray Are you saying all black people look alike Yes Read PM

I missed you kisses Long and relentless, holding their body close, arms wrapped completely around their waist. A burying their head in B's neck and pressing kisses there too. Angry kisses Hard, gripping. Fists in clothes, shoving each other against walls. Fingers digging into hips. But the kisses always melt away from that. They turn into brushes of lips between shaking breaths, until they're out of energy and are left just standing there, holding each other, fingers carding through hair. Sad kisses Almost not a kiss at all. Just holding onto each other tightly, A's lips pressed to B's temple, whispering soft words, desperately trying to provide whatever comfort they can. In the dark kisses The movie plays in the background, but A and B are hardly paying attention from the back row. They k

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