Tawm Bwady No.12919986 12920007 12920024 12920031 12920060 12920090 12920098 12920257 33 KB, 800x600 iadb regex View same on foolz View same on foolz View same on installgentoo k Bachelor of Arts Majored in art history Happily work with my hands doing camp maintenance fucking hated everyone in my department. To this day, symbolism as a concept just PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF. No, your badly painted vagina does NOT represent the plight of middle eastem dirt farmers. Just shut the fuck up. It represents fucking VAGINA. That's it. And not even well Pic related. I spend DAYS in the sculpture hall, hand carving a whole fucking TREE into a goddam dragon. Every fucking scale chiseled by hand Iran out of time, thus the unfinished tail. Come the senior exit gallery, what is my painstaking labor display
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