Dr. Lava's Lost Pokemon DrLavaYT Absol Origins Absol is based on Kutabe, a mythological Japanese creature with three eyes and great intelligence. According to legend, Kutabe predicted a deadly plague would come which explains why Absol is the Disaster Pokemon.  Art by Gemini Kujo meme
People are growing suspicious, I believe they're tired of witnessing the same thing every day, and they're finally starting to peak through the cracks. I think it's time to pull the plug. no, give it a few more days. The subject hasn't properly suffered yet, for what he's done to me. I want him and his audience to be traumatized for life fine, I'll give it until Saturday, but I must warn you, even weirder things start to happen the longer it goes on. The subject will probably lose his memory, and this would have all been for nothing. I do not care anymore, I just want him to pay I understand, ma'am. Black lives matter do not be a kiss ass meme