From lea HF Buick I 2 years ago Q can this be used to hand wash cashmere A  Soak  the brand is good for cashmere. Sabrikitty I 9 months ago Q Does this detergent taste good How is the smell A It smells good I do not typically taste  my laundry or detergent, so not sure about that  CuddlyiF Nikki S. I 1 year ago meme
Millennial werewolf im a beta but all my friends sayiactikeanalpta im going to become one me and my pack im going to become one wen Rave my pack or claims to have howls born lycan actually bitten by born got ac lycan and can not pitiful even cause bitten by ac gs and can not even cause neighborhood alpha after wa group howls like what's the point teen wolf Cant eve, says he's and live going off to the buy grid a compound but he cant Ay and live off the grid but he cant his fang int With even do his own laundry meme
File 1310210340 KB, 555x211, asuras wrath.jpg be 18 meet cute gitl at friend's party Anonymous No. 101849376 she's all over me for some reason some of the stuff she says seems sketchy, like looking for a soulmate and shit whatever, she has great tits and im drunk as balls  fuck yeah she starts making out with me we look for some privacy yeah laundryroom seems fine gives me abj takes off her pantie we start to fuck pretty tight, not a virgin but v shit is cash  start stamming her  she wraps her legs around me and begs me to cum inside  not sure if want  she says she's on the pill  fuckyeah jpg  splort inside, feels good man after I pull out she starts pushing jizz back into her pussy  seems hot but I'm like wat  she tells me she was lying about being on the pill wants to get pregnant so I'l
Really couldn't imagine being in shock at whats occurring, its dawning on me that I've kinda known my environment was hopeless and doomed to collapse for maybe over a decade now. I have lived every day basically for the last 5 years with some vague outline of a collapse scenario. When I was younger I thought this would kick off much later than it did. Its been a surreal life. Honestly I think that cements the comedy of this in a way, in that I have a laundry list of people that have been out of the cultural trance since 2013. Seven years of my life or more have been lived knowing about our very real enemies. Now that they're blatant and not even hiding it anymore, it's literally so insane. Idk how to describe this feeling.  very real enemies. Now that they're blatant and not even hiding it