Dis texas hate is mad corny especially after wha happened on da highway like dis shit happened in fort worth bruh dis a mostly predominantly latino n black city from my experience at least go make fun of west texas or sum da shit deserves it  latino n black city from my experience at least go make fun of west texas or sum da shit deserves it memes

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, one of Trump's most loyal defenders, agreed during his remarks that Trump had not produced evidence to support his claims Fraud They said there's 66,000 people in Georgia under 18 voted. How many people believe that I said, give me 10. Hadn't had 1. They said 8,000 felons in prison in Arizona voted. Give me 10. Hadn't got 1. do not buy this enough's enough. At least most smart and educated Republicans are waking up now, huh Trumpers and memes


Al woman once dpproached Winston Chu at a party and said Sir, you are drunk Churchill, with bis trademark wit, replied I may be drunk, but at least I'm not turning int werewolf Then Churchill took look at what he was drinking. To bis surprise, it wasn't alcobol, but ajar labelled Experimental Werewolf Formula, AWOOO said Churchill, as he turned into werewolf. Stephen King, The Curse of Werewolf Churchill memes

SOCIAL DISTANCING means being 6 feet apart from one another. THE AVERAGE BUT DON'T LENGTH USE REAL OF TIGER A FOR TIGER 6 FEET. BUT DON'T USE A REAL TIGER FOR MI IEASUREMENT. Keep at least 6 Rhinos 40 feet between you and a tiger. BUT DON'T USE REAL RHINOS EITHER.  es memes

Absolutely, Well Said All Even In The Misinformation Business, They Leave Just Enough Meat On Every Third Story To Appease The Sheeple, If You Chose To Trust, At Least Verify, Remember All Internet Content Is Driven By Algorithms and Agendas Everything Should Be Scrutinized The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe as its handle was made of wood and they thought it was one of them. OldAbninf just now memes

Sometimes Iidream of whore here are wals A world where people fight for people, not corporations or governments A future in which we search the vast emptiness of space pa For the benefit of all people A future in which we colonize and flourish together That day may never come. during my time, but at least can still dream memes

Of the included 5494 fatalities involving police from 2013 2017, 2353 42.83% of the decedents were White, 1487 27.07% were Black, 939 were Latinx 17.09% , and 168 3.06% were other race while 547 lacked data on cace Nationally, from our first set of models, the annual rate of fatal police violence was 0.39 per 100,000 95% Confidence Interval Cl  0.37,0.42 . Yet overall and race rates varied from MSA to MSA overall rates ranged from 0.13 Cl  0.03,0.56 fatalities per 100,000 in Butfalo AL, meaning the most lethal MSA exhibited rates nine times those of the least lethal. Race specific rates varied less from MSA to LMSA for Black neonle than for their White or Median household income $80 thousand white 20 Black 2002 2010 2018 People under 18 in poverty 40% Black 20 2002 2010 Cheektowaga Niagara

DESCRIPTION OF WOOD  Very dense  Hot burning  Should season at least one year  Difficult to split  Efficient, hot burning  Should season at least one year  Burns at medium heat  Sweet burning aroma  Sparks a lot, doesn't produce lots of smoke  Burns very quickly  Bright, hot burning  Good firestarter  High sap content  Burns messy  Do not use as your exIcusive firewood  Very dense, hard wood  Difficult to split  Doesn't smell great as it burns  Burns and splits easily  Burns at a low heat  Sparks a lot, heavy smoke memes

Man FFX may have been my least favorite of the 3 FF games I've played so far but FUCK is the final boss theme my favorite out 3 Imao. And yes I count Braska's Final Aeon the final boss fight cuz the fight after isn't even a real fight.  And yes I count Braska's Final Aeon the final boss fight cuz the fight after isn't even a real fight memes

At least the right knows where their frustrations lay and focus all of their energy upon that specified target. The left just lashes out in any and all directions at once. Dollar stores, ma and pa shops, car lots and black owned businesses. I'm not condoning the actions on the Capitol just making an observation. the actions on the Capitol just making an observation memes

LIVE THIS SUNDAY I START YOUR FREE TRIAL AT Change is inevitable Or at least that's what you're told. REAMING LIVE THIS SUNDAY I START YOUR I MONTH FREE TRIAL AT Change can be halted. Sometimes that can turn bad, and sometimes it can be for the greater good. I'm sure you're wondering what this all has to do with me. Well, as a man who comes and goes here in IFPW as I choose, I see a lot of change, and I can tell when said change is bad, so let me say this IFPW has changed a lot, but this new era of guys, and this new era of wrestling is disgusting If this is the hands that I have left this company on, then I must be the one to fix it, and that starts right at King of The Ring, but can not do it alone. No we saw what happened last year when I was alone, so I went and got some backup. won Ar

A Victim's Guilt I dont love you but i wish i did That hourglass hurt more than any hit It wasn't even all that big But it hurt because had to think and sit But its too late to change that fate One where loved was filled by hate can not imagine all the weight, of arriving alone at heavens gate. For a hunger you could not sate, at least then you'll've an empty slate. And im so sorry it works this way But you're not sorry for all the pain That you've inflicted day by day So what in the world should i say To not need to be needed is a poison treatment For that mental plauge that degraded you But when we're screaming as a greeting Stabbing is all that ican do Avictim's guilt will start to wilt When you force their hand upon a hilt memes

Not exactly easy considering 4 people died. At least instead of burning down the city like they did over the summer they went straight to the source of the problem. 4 people seems like a small number considering it's the nations capital, just strange that national guard wasn't there. It is pretty apparent that there was bias when BLM protests were happening the capital was a lot more prepared for a situation like this. It really seems like they were upset that the person they wanted in office didn't win so they trashed the place as apposed to being upset with how city's around the nation lacking response to Injustices within the police force Definitely not wishing death on anyone But burning a city in hatred sends a message while attacking the capital is just attacking democracy Bro if 1 B

FOX NEWS UFOS Published December 30, 2020 Coronavirus bill started 180 day countdown for UFO disclosures The provision was attached a committee comment By Steven Greenstreet, Steven Nelson I New York Post This has been a long time coming. This shit has been going on since at least the This has been a long time coming. This shit has been going on since at least the 40s memes

Sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of every person's overall health and well being. Sleep is important because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Every adult person should sleep at least 8 hours every day. Sleep is also crucial for strength training recovery and helps with muscle repair after a strenuous workout. Inadequate sleep can interfere with the body's ability to recover after lifting weights and inhibits the body's ability to build maximum muscle strength. Aristotle Onassis memes

At  Verizon LTE PM TV Episode, Rating Count at least 1,000 Sorted by IMDb Rating Descending 1 50 of 15,130 titles. I Next  View Mode Compact I Detailed Sort by Popularity I A Z I User RetingV I Number of Votes I US Box Office I Runtime I Year I Release Date I Date of Your Rating I Your Rating 1. Attack on Titan 2013  Episode Hero 2019 TV MA I 24 min I Animation, Action, Adventure 10.0 Rate this As Erwin's heroic charge buys Levi time to confront the Beast Titan, Armin comes up with a plan of his own that lays it all on the line. Directors Masashi Koizuka, Tetsur6 Aral, Akitoshi Yokoyama I Stars YOki efl, Marina Inoue, Tomohisa Hashizume, Yoshimasa Hosoya Votes 39,556 2. Breaking Bad 2008 2013 Episode Ozymandias 2013 TV 14 I 48 min I Crime, Drama, Thriller 10.0 Rate this Walt goes on the ru

7 Rules To Get ec 1. Eat Processed meats at every meal 2.Skipfruits and veggies daily that shits gay 3. Only drink Four loko 4. Lift weights Stoned af 5. Get hours of sleep per night 6. Get at least 15 minutes of Pu exposure daily. Stay consistent, never use a condom memes

Strider gonnastride When a girl says she has experimented with giris, that does not necessarily mean she's bi She may just be an evil scientist can not see the picture on mobile, but there is at least a 90% chance that is princess bubblegum memes