Mmmyoursquid People love to talk about whether or not disabled people can work but if you can work just fine and your disability is destroying your ability to have a life outside of work because work takes all your energy and more Dead silence. Nobody cares. File this under, oh you can be active for 4 hours You can work part time. Um no, I have to get ready for work 30 min get to work 15 min get home from work 15 min feed myself all day 30 min maintain myself, my home and my life 15 min, yeah right, which leaves 15 min for work and absolutely nothing else. This is so accurate, back after I'd retapsed I wanted to try and go in for one class at school so I could still stay in contact with the education system. I let slip during a meeting that I managed to drag myself to that could manage abo
Ingredient purist ingredient neutral ingredient rebel tea must be made from tea must be made from tea can be made from leaves plants anything Tea Alignment chart preparation purist tea must be made by boiling the main ingredient to extract its flavor preparation neutral black tea is tea tea can also be made by mixing a powder into water kraft i i tea miso soup is a tea is ates preparation rebel tea can be made by any method so long as the result is a liquid containing a suspension of a solid a clogged gutter is atea crude oil is a tea saturn is a tea meme
{DreadRider SB Creature Spirit Knight 1 Exile a creature card from your graveyard Target opponent loses 3 life. What kind of monstrous grave robber leaves the treasures, but takes the bodies Fiall, Beskir elder cc Dread Rider memes
THE US SEEMS OF OPTIONS, IS SECESSION THE SOLUTIONZZ Decentralization or separation are the only 2 options. Separation we form multiple different nations based on regional culture ideology. Or we could just have the entire Right and entire left as 2 different countries instead of more than 2. The problem with both is it leaves us weakened globally since we aren't 1 nation. Decentralization would work the same as the first idea for separation, however we would still be the USA, just with states being much more sovereign, like the Founders intended. No imposing costs on each other anymore. Also we stay on top in that scenario fuck China on top in that scenario fuck China memes
Follow you ever sit on a bus and suddenly get filled with an enormous tenderness towards everyone else on it Follow we are all just animals turning our heads towards each other and looking away when the other person catches our eye. sniffing the air when someone gets off the bus and leaves the scent of perfume behind. doing silly faces and making the baby who's being held by her tired mother smile. smiling at the girl who's got her hair cut short like yours, then you both looking back at your phones again, then randomly remembering her eyebrow piercing again in three years when you're sitting on a different bus in a different city. we're all planning on what kind of dinner we're going to make once we get home and thinking of our dogs and looking at each others clothes and wondering what ki