CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER Barbarlan Thief Usurper protagonist natural charmer mastermind striking attire deceitful computing skills absolute unit can steal legendary knows nuclear launch items codes Spy Berserker Witch scouts the area filled with rage eldritch mage remains in the and spit sanity has declined due shadows one man army to potion brewing fearless In great pain can see the spirit realm memes
Kizzzaaa pr3datOrkizza 13h Replying to lduchaine miss the old boys on those streams  no hate to the new hosts but it isn't the same without you and MrPope and Damienkieken great memories of the infant years of For Honor Luc Duchaine lduchaine 13h It was a blast, personally, it was my favorite hour of the week. Qa Kizzzaaa pr3datOrkizza 13h used to wake up at San in Australia to watch it live and get the good in depth info with the legendary PowerPoints Qa Duchaine lduchaine  wow, that's impressive. thank you very much Os Ubi took this from you  Ubi took this from you meme