How to easily collect drinkable water with nothing but a cloth A guide by Aegidius 1. It has to be semi early in the day and in an area with a decent amount of groundcover, preferably something like tall grass. 2. The cloth you use should be something large, but thin, like a bandana or handkerchief. What you do is just hold the cloth around waist level or at whatever point the grass comes up your legs and walk through the grass. What should happen is the cloth will soak up the dew on the plants and you can then wring it out into a bottle or just suck the water out. This is often quite a bit safer than drinking from standing water, as the dew you collect has been there for less than a day, since it condensed over the night, while standing water may have been there for quite a while, and oft
Instances of SCP 3168 1 are anomalous organisms which resemble ambulatory houses on chicken legs Foundation folklorists have noted the similarity to the Russian legend of Baba Yaga from their legs and feet, the organisms are not composed of biological matter, but rather of standard architectural materials boards, masonry, nails, etc. Despite their anomalous form and composition, instances of SCP 3168 1 follow the standard chicken life cycle, hatching from their eggs an average of 21 days after fertilization, at which point they are the size of non anomalous newly hatched chickens radiographic and ultrasound examination of SCP 3168 1 eggs reveal the presence of microscopic architectural components as early as 5 days after fertilization. Tissue samples from the legs of SCP 3168 1 instances r
Facebook sll LTE AM 60% ANGEL I would be sucking on your clit making your legs shake as my tongue goes deeper in you ME This might be a mood killer but I do not have a clit ANGEL Really ME II Never had one ANGEL You were born with out it ME Yup. ANGEL I Those your pussy still feel pleasure ME No. I'm a guy. Which I mentioned about four times II But clearly reading is not your strong suit Send chat memes
Son Goku Gaming CC All who're reading this have been afflicted by the break your legs curse I'm coming for you and I'm gonna break your legs There is no escape Stupid post I know. Anyways I wanted to bring up my YouTube channel. Because honestly why not. Subscribe to Info Droid, etc.  Stupid post I know. Anyways I wanted to bring up my YouTube channel. Because honestly why not. Subscribe to Info Droid, etc meme
I want to say I was 16, maybe. My family went to Florida. I was and still am a passionate SCUBA diver. The water is the only place I feel graceful. I went by myself on a dive boat. There was me and maybe six other divers all big, brawny men. I felt very small and hairless. 201 Web App end Chris Jones EnswellJones You have to understand dive cutture. Some people like the fish. Some people like the quiet. Some people dudes with bad fathers like to pretend they're NAVY Seals. They strap knives to their legs and wear huge watches and get all big balled about how little air they use. Ow 2268 Chris Jones Enswelldones This boat was filled with those meatheads. On our way out to the dive site, was like, Are we invading Bermuda They were all strapped and wearing four foot fins, telling tales about
Anonymous Wad No.55864302 I do not even use a foot stool. I Indian Squat on the toilet seat when I shit. If you have trouble doing that, then your legs need to be stretched and exercised. This is something that a child can do. Most days, I can shit faster than I piss, and when I'm done I wipe my ass which is much easier and jump off and land like Batman. Let me just go over the pros no strain, meaning no hemmorhoids no buttcheeks on the seat, only shoes touch, great for public bathrooms no shit smearing on cheeks because they are spread apart dick does not dip into the water or get dirty toilet water splashed on it Poseidon's Kiss has to jump farther to touch asshole, I almost never experience it anymore getting a nice little stretch while shitting poop faster than I piss, meaning I do not
Ventral Eye Custer light dotector fMouth the est. bet Compound Eye to any insects eyes Lgtaral Rudimentary Eye unknown functional role Cuapace of ook Gills provides laten and support  used for respitation Median Ocellus may be used during Median Larval Eyes Telson fow light conditions  under carapace as adults  does not sting 2eyes leyes Not a Crab clawed pair 5 clawed pairs II Despite their name, horseshoe crabs of legs of legs are more closely related to spiders. Horseshoe crabs unique number of eyes plus photoreceptors and limbs reflect its differences from other Crustaceans. Many Uses of the Telson A, Digging tool SS Flips itself right side up Receives XM radio signal Blue Blood Saves Lives amaving Horseshoe when it crabs detects blue blood will toxin producing clot bacteria. bicod the