539 Q Search al Posted by i.redd.it   and  5 awards How it feels since beyond light I Hundred of Warlocks warlock mains on rage posts DTG on Reddit Me also warlock You're all insufferable 1775 100 Share Award Posted by  and  Awards Fellow Warlocks, we've been kicked around enough. It is time to boycott Well of Radiance and solely run Nova Warp in protest am calling on all Warlocks to run Nova Warp  Void Walker until we get a meaningful TWAB about Warlock or class tuning. No more well of radiance easy mode for LFG, strikes, o  6430 1025 Share Award memes
'Person sharing their song for the first time starter pack Have a guitar, ukulele or piano in the song Actually have a nice voice Aesthetic room Its always this guitar Always shared on YouTube I wrote this song, I hope you enjoy No autotune Song is about love or singing someone else's song or something meme