Ail my.ursancictionary.con Unpublish Y f  Resurrection of Christ A spiritual sexual act, used to assert dominance on the Mormons. To complete the holy act, you will need a flash light, and a crucifix. Once you have convinced the dirty Mormon girl to bless you with her precious womb, you will position her into the doggy position. You must ensure the room is completely dark as you proceed to pound away, you sneak out the flash light and crucifix. With Cheetah like speed you turn on the flashlight and jam it into her anal cavity, to where the light is shining into your face, and proceed to raise the cross above your head, announcing that Jesus has been resurrected. As the light of holiness touched my face, and the cross was above my head, she coward in fear. For Jesus had been rebirth'Ed in h
Turning Left on a Busy Highway with no Traffic Light Starter Pack Waiting for the last car to get out of your way so you can turn but they go so. goddamn. slow. Cars piling up behind you As soon as you have an and you do not want to opening in one direction, a hold them back billion cars come from the other direction HOLY SHIT, CAN YOU HURRY THE FUCK UP ALREADY meme
Here's a prediction for you Trump will be vindicated and re elected. The Democratic Party will not be able to survive what will be brought to light and many will be convicted. Leftist will noon for a very short time but this time, they will meet our military personally. 11 nov Well although I disagree, I can not predict the future. Let's come back to this comment on January 20th and see who's right Jdog102397 11 nov Sounds like a plan my man. 11 nov Well here we are with a Democratic house, senate, and president. And as luck would have it, it seems like the right is the one who will be meeting our military so anyway it's been lit my dude Jdog102397 memes