OB1KenO B Little late to the game, but the theory is that the kyber crystal in Luke's green lightsaber is the same one from Qui Gon Jinn's. After Kenobi defeats Darth Maul with his master's lightsaber, he would have kept it as a keepsake, despite rebuilding his own saber. It's likely he would have retrieved it and kept it with him after the Order 66 attack. After the empire takes over, they destroy all artifacts and memory of the Jedi in their purge of changing the history, and most Kyber crystals go towards powering the Death Star. Because of this, any lightsaber crystal would have been very difficult for Luke to find after he loses the Skywalker saber. BUT we know he returns to Tatooine to complete his new lightsaber, likely returning to Ben Kenobi's home for components, where he would h
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4857130 Be Luke Skywalker several years after explodes Travel around the Outer Rim, seeking new force users to train Stop at strange planet after sensing something Eventually come across a Togruta female kicking ass Notice her holding her lightsaber backwards Could this be  Hello, I'm Luke Skywalker. Jedi master. I'm Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka Ben Kenobi told me about you  Really What did he say about me Remember everything Ben said to me about her. Every. Last. Detail. He said that you were a good friend. Keep talking with her, constantly wondering if she still thinks there's no panties in space memes
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