James And yet you're still talking about me. KeithOlbermann. The whistleblower is actually blowing the whistle, idiot. I'm not blowing the whistle on a whistleblower. The article misquotes. Imagine that Maybe if you guys weren't so bad at your jobs, there wouldn't be a need fo PV Keith Olbermann thO berma For 14 years, the one saving grace about little JamesOkkeefelll is he's just not very bright. Overheard in public plotting to burn an ABC news employee PM Twitter for iPhone memes

Your feedback is valuable. Please take a moment to answer the questions below. Your responses will be kept confidential. How likely is it that you would recommend Origin to a friend Very Unlikely Extremely likely 10 We'd love to know your reasons for the above score optional . Please transfer $6,99 to my bankaccount to get the extra DLC called my opinion Listen here, you little memes

Famous Dave's How was the food from Famous Dave's, Redlands Everything was great Tell us more. Your review may be shared on DoorDash and with the store. Tasty Special instructions followed Good value Packaged well little cold, probably just winter and thin packaging but still 5 star cheers. for flavor and would mouth feel recommend. OF Wh, would recommend. Slaps put some speck on it  Get help with your order Submit MyDoorDashReviews01  MyDoorDashReviews01 memes

Find products, advice, tech new Q I  PCMag editors select and review products independently. If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which help support our testing. Learn more. Home  News  Games  PC Games With a Little Liquid Nitrogen, Doom Eternal Can Run at 1,000 FPS on PC Thanks to liquid nitrogen cooling, an overclocked PC gaming machine was able to reach the insane benchmark on Doom Eternal without melting down. Credit Bethesda Gamers like high frame rates. But imagine hitting an insane 1,000 frames per second. Well, it's possible on the PC game Doom Eternal if you have some liquid nitrogen on hand. In March, the makers of Doom Eternal, id Software, boasted about how the game's engine is theoretically capable of over 1,000fps. The only challenge is today's PC hard

Automata pa Rei Ayanami's cuteness is a miracle of the universe, it behooves you to create as many little Reis as humanly possible. With back to back pregnancies every 10.5 months and assuming she hits menopause around age 51, you could get around 43 births out of her. Statistically some of those will be twins, with the rate generally increasing with age and height weight. You'd get an average twinning rate of 44.1 per 1000 births. It would be on the low side initially, but as her body fat percentage rose from pregnancy it would even out. With those numbers you'd expect to get 2 sets of twins, but if she has a family history of twins that could rise to around 4 5. If you gave her certain fertility drugs specifically gonadotropins , that would increase the chances of multiple birth substant

Saw a on uk wk where some dude commented you need to loose some weight and in response this girl did a doordash haul . And it wasn't some bitchy white girl just doing it to do it, she isn't super rich and clearly she was upset. Sure the dudes kind of an asshole for that but you're going out of your way to spend money and time on making yourself feel better over a comment that he took two seconds to type out. He cared so little he made a typo and it has the power to cause you to alter your day significantly. You need to be stronger than that in life so you can maintain your mental balance memes

Hi guys. This is a request post but it's a little different from the others. I feel like this account has been lacking when it comes to education, so I'm asking you to please request education topics about snakes. It could be about a specific species, a locality, a genus, family, whatever. I just want to help my subscribers and others learn about these lovely reptiles memes