File 5.ipg 97 KB, 760x925 Anonymous ID No.301078919 301079484 301079986 22301079999 301080059 301080298 301080456 Imagine spending 14 years in the Air Force only to die a terrorist wrapped in a trump flag with a bullet in your neck after hastily breaking into the US Capitol with no plan whatsoever Then to have your mourning family watch as the man you died for denounces your actions, calls you lawless and DOESNT EVEN MENTION YOUR NAME This is the face of a wackjob terrorist loser who died for the stupidest reason possible. This is the face of someone who was literally willing to die for the You're fired guy. She dies in disgrace, as a brainwashed ignorant LOSER She was convinced, just as you all are, that somehow Trump won this election, when he clearly lost in a fucking landslide. 7
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