15 Disney Princesses Taking A Dump and What Their Turds Would Look and Smell Like Yes, Disney Princesses Need To Do Number Two Too Princess Jasmine's turds would probably be long, curly and smell really awful as the food in Arabia at that time would have consisted of dates, barley, rice and meat meme
It's okay dude, I get it. You can look. Jon giggled, pushing out his perky chest to emphasize his impressive breasts even further, their mouthwatering curves almost pressing into the table. know I would have, if was still a guy plus, y'know, I'm a little bit tipsy. I forgot women are worse at holding their liquor hiccup  He reached for his wine glass and took another sip. Finn sighed in relief as his eyes drifted down once again, drinking in the incredible globes that were now hanging off of his best friend's chest. Sorry, it's okay if you do not want to talk about it but how did you end up in your stepsister's body  Jon looked down at his cleavage. Well, i's a long story okay, not really. Basically my stepdad is a scientist and inventor so he wanted to try out his latest machine, some sor