You're a small weak man why That's literally the one and only secret of weight loss. Ail the diets are just ways to make you feel full while eating less calories. Diet is infinitely more important. just 20 pounds without even working out. Just being sure Iwas at a calorie deficit and steadily last weight maraconi meme author removed this comment maraconi meme author removed this comment
Garrett Melton Dec 5, 2020  As rain leaps from the heavens to fall down and beat the earth, you notice that the earth never retaliates. The earth never fights back. The earth stays firm understanding the fact that in places it is being eroded away, but also knowing that the loss of one place means the building of another. For the dirt will never leave, just move. The earth absorbs the rain to grow beautiful life and provide purpose. Be like the earth during your storm. Always know that you're not falling apart, simply shifting into a newer version of yourself. Absorb the rain and use it to your advantage to grow beautiful. Never wish for a perfect life or complain of not having one, be grateful for your rain and use it to make a beautiful life. You have all the power, but you also hold all
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2,161 comments meme that has I religious references  exists Atheists in the comments giflobster 38 You can not test the buoyancy if a ship the size of Noah's Ark using a handheld version. Water waves act in different manner at colossal sizes than they do in a sink. That's just the nature of water. Same goes for boats due to the structural integrity of the material they were made of at the time. ShiftyEagle id 613 230 say something funny