Democrats be like Subject27 2 Shut the fuck up retard as if both sides aren't corrupt blackdynamite2 Hrrerrrdrrrrrr I BuRn WalMarT To StoP RaciSm HimikoToga Hrrrrrdrrrrr I StORM tHe noon bECaUSe mY cAnDiDaTe lOsT blackdynemite2 when u agree w everyone   when u agree w everyone???? meme
File jpg 97 KB, 760x925 Anonymous ID No 301079484 301079986 22301079999 301080059 301080298 301080456 Imagine spending 14 years in the Air Force only to die a terrorist wrapped in a trump flag with a bullet in your neck after hastily breaking into the US Capitol with no plan whatsoever. Then to have your mourning family watch as the man you died for denounces your actions, calls you lawless and DOESN'T EVEN MENTION YOUR NAME This is the face of a wackjob terrorist loser who died for the stupidest reason possible. This is the face of someone who was literally willing to die for the You're fired guy. She dies in disgrace, as a brainwashed ignorant LOSER She was convinced, just as you all are, that somehowagaiipp won this election, when he clearly lost in a fucking landslide. 7 mill
7407 TE heard this group had something to say about my Veloster. Well I'll have you know, you can hate JDM all you want or tell me I'm not JDM, but that won't save you from getting absolutely dragged by my turbo V. This car has put exotic super cars to shame including the Lotus Elise estimated 700hp I'm guessing . I do not play games. Horse around if you have the horsepower like I do. I'm nothing short of a professional driver and my mods are all JDM automatic short shifter kit, intake delete, exhaust, petal commander, reverse delete, chipped and I have terrorized multiple cities on street tires. I bet $1000 nobody on street tires can take me from a dig. You guys all wanna make fun of people and think you're so funny until the real chupacabra steps up to the plate. What's that I hear Dead
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