Crayolasaurus love that when poe says that droid has a map that leads straight to luke skywailker finn says oh you gotta be kidding me , implying he knows exactly who luke is and that he's important. love that when finn mentions luke to rey she says luke skywalker  I thought he was a myth implying she knows exactly who luke is and that he's important. love that luke skywalker is a legend, a myth, a celebrity. do you think he has fans I like to think that not only is he famous but that because he's so elusive he's actually reached cryptid status in the star wars universe. people host parties when a new blurry photograph comes out, get into debates over whether he really exists or not, skywalker sighting hotspots are full of tourists and conspiracy theorists wearing shirts with a lightsaber
Os on a scale of luke skywalker to jaime lannister how well would you deal with losing your right hand or, on a scale of luke skywalker to jaime lannister how well do you deal with latent sexual feelings for your sister or, on a scale of luke skywalker to jamie lannister how well would you deal with your dad being an utter bastard with unresolved issues about the death of his wife or, on a scale of luke skywalker to jaime lannister how well would you deal with the fact that your nephew is a complete and total douche memes
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