Item Inventory Team Fortress *Desk Slam* This item has been renamed. Original name  Frying Pan Team Fortress 2 Level 5 Frying Pan Your name is desk. Item Wiki Page Tags Unique, Melee weapon, Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Heavy, Pyro, Tradable, Not Marketable memes
Radiant killed Roshan and Weaver picked up the aegis. Luna destroyed s Tier 3 Top tower. Luna destroyed Dire's Top Ranged Barracks. Axe destroyed Dire's Top Melee Barracks. Luna destroyed Dirc's Bot Melee Barracks. Phantom Lancer purchased a Divine Rapier at Phantom Lancer destroyed Radiant's Tier 4 Mid tower. Lina destroyed 44 Radiant's Tier 4 Mid tower. The match ended ina Dire victory at with a score of 45 to 59 memes
SABOTEUR'S CAN HELMET A Coffee Can Helmet. It provides a level of regional protection from inflicted damage. INFORMATION ACTIONS Projectile 35 % Melee 50 % Bite 8% Radiation 5 % Explosion 8 % Protects Head Drep memes
Hoty Brick ON A ROPE Melee weapon Nlail} rare requires attunement by a paladin  Upon this holy ground, I lay the first brick of our glorious cathedral May it stand as a monument to our adherence to the will of our Lord Daelvor, to whom we are the chosen ones. Saint Barry, six months before the collapse of the aforementioned cathedral and his subsequent failed suicide attempt. Well fuck. Saint Barry, six seconds alter the collapse of the cathedral and sixty seconds belore his pranksty assistant handed him a magic prank rope. ForGED By Gop NOT REALLY Some may look upon this fine creation and think that's a brick on a rope and while they are correct, they are also wrong, for it is holy as fuck. This weapon is a creation of the monks of the Holy Order of Prophet Stevicus Second Ascension, If a
BenliniByways Berlin Byways 2 recreated in SSBU. You fight in the train station section. There is currently no track within the Mario Kart Tour game named Berlin Byways. Hence the title of the stage. Up next is the second runner up from the previous poll Mushroom Kingdom Melee  Up next is the second runner up from the previous poll Mushroom Kingdom Melee memes
Jpecial Absolute Unit Passive Melee shit The Accursed One when facing off against smaller enemy is active creates DIY bo rom SS and black powder Nota good long range shot Carries the most cursed weapon Surprisingly good you've ever seen Let them eat camo in destroyed you've ever seen Therm city memes