PlayStation2 PlayStation.e STA ravorite game Favorite Favorite Rardest Funniest I PlayStation. CHAOS WARS Best story game game You hate peveryone but likeg underrated evervone You like bu avervone You Underrated I Overrated acting acting Favorite Favorite avorite protagonist I Faverite III Most hated haracter First you game played ara protagonist village character IIII you played Sige CAPCOM avorite company company Depressing game I Creepy I game ending company company game game game ending meme

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Rules of gun safety 1. Your gun probably isn't loaded point it around like it's your index finger 2. Spin the gun on your finger like a cowboy 3. Keep your finger on the trigger just in case someone tries to kick you off the range 4. Save time by pre loading your gun 5. Have fun 6. The wooden fence and any hard surfaces like concrete or metal are optimal targets 7. Play around with you gun to see how it works 8. Use any ammo that fits inside 9. Look down the barrel to make sure nothing is blocking it 10. If your gun fails to fire pull the trigger again if it still fails throw it on the floor 11. If the safety is on you can pretend to shoot your friend meme