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Ambrose of Milan Letter 76 To this end has His Grace and Goodness been formed upon us in Christ Jesus, that being dead according to works, redeemed through faith and saved by grace, we might receive the gift of this great deliverance. Our very nature, raised, as it were, in Him, has been made partaker of the Grace of a new creation, that being new created in Christ, we, who had before fallen away through the corruption of our guilty lineage, might walk in good works memes
This meetup sucks tfw no macarons to eat my feet hurt it's too hot i wish they'd stop talking high pitched we know thats not your real voice is that girl wearing milanoo ibet she's not wearing bloomers why is everything so sparkly all this AP unicorn vomit is drowning out my elegant OTT classic coord tfw no ouji bf to carry my bags didn't they say Misako would be here nvm, she'll just make me look ugly ihave to pee so bad but i can not get out of my pettis in less than an hour my brand can not touch pubic toilets anyway why is no one taking a picture of me have i achieved real doll status i wish i was checking the comm sales right now iguess ill keep standing here looking kawaii Like always do meme