I do not think that possibly could have gone better. The manager is this badass 61 year old smoker lady who apparently brought the restaurant out of the gutter. We laughed and talked shit about the managers at my old job at Hardee's. She laughed at my reason for wanting to be a pizza guy, which is because I want my car to smell like pizza. Also listen to my music and shit. But she really liked the pizza smell part. And she said she'd get back in touch with me as soon as she could, because they really needed drivers. So yeah. I'm feeling great about this memes
NAIR Narwhal Ninja 175 subscribers suuDSCcribers EDIT CHANNEL MANAGE Uploads OCEAN OUTLAST Ocean Outlast ep.15 No views 1 minute ago Hey everybody episode 15 of ocean outlast is out for anyone who is interested Hey everybody episode 15 of ocean outlast is out for anyone who is interested meme
So I have switched from Xbox to pc recently and Recently I started to play Minecraft with a Copple of my friends from school. I've got a pretty good system with a Ryzen 7 3800X 3.9GH and a Radeon RX 5700 XT Everything seemed normal the first day i played i had about 300 400 fps on high settings but the next day when i got on everything droped i only got about 50 fps at the max and i searched it up on google and youtube and i tryed everything and they just wont An laaalz pin dane ananga havin any Wan what thic memes
EisenKrieger They hate you this much. They want your children dead or mixed, and *Peter Gerard Scully walks in* *audience oohs* Peter Scully Did someone say children *laugh track* Famous internet personality Deflated Black. Lives. Fucking. Matter. *entire cast and crew kneels in solidarity with their fist up for the entire 28 minutes* sorurus memes
Piggybank pigbnk OLA LUATYL YT ILUT T POL, TLER Leilss ob ty s al ALPHABET Commander Keen  Minecraft Enchantment  Extras if gamers just tweet in minecraft enchantment table, they'll never be able to report us Generate Random Sentence PAP ILS EST T LYATS UT LUT TT KCOEL, T TLEE YELL ob memes
So Steve and Sephiroth are the most recent DLC characters added to Smash. It's hard to imagine how they could top these two reveals. I honestly do not think anything that comes next will match the hype of these two. Nevertheless, there's still at least 3 more DLC characters on the way. I'd like to discuss my personal predictions, and desires. 'll start with my predictions. I really think Crash is gonna make it. He's been heavily requested, and it seems like Smash Ultimate is all about fulfilling fan requests. We got Inkling, Rickey, K. Rool, Steve, Banjo, and of course all the characters from previous games. With Crash being so iconic, heavily requested, and having new games as of late, it makes no sense NOT to include him. Next up is another Sonic a character. Sephiroth has proved that a