Dept Q   No longer want The Disney Bundle Watched everything I wanted to  Other  Firing Gina Carano because she spoke out against certain believes that do not align with the facist views of this company was over the line for me. This cancel culture is a 2 way street and thus am canceling something of yours 7.57$ monthly . It seems minimal for me to pull my sub, but i will do my due diligence to make sure all my friends and family do the same. CONTINUE TO CANCEL meme
If you really think about it, the student who picked up a soccer ball and invented Rugby is the most important person to develop Football. No, you say, he merely layed down groundworks and subsequent developments make the scale of his contribution minimal in absolute terms Must not be a Pagan, because they love to talk about how all of their stuff was superceded or subsumed by Christians, as if that is an argument in favor of the modern day influence of paganism and not how deeply irrelevent it is memes