I'm reminded of my favorite photo of taken by a young woman who was at dinner with her boyfriend at Mar a Lago. News broke that North Korea fired a test missile and Fiin, and aides were ina panic, papers flying. Meanwhile smiled for the woman and her camera. He was always calm because he knew the game. He knew what was going to happen before it happened. He knew the camera was there before she even thought to take the picture. That's the face of a man who's seen the totality of desire, of the sun above Christ, and faced down the Other and found in it not the recognition of his own desire  but the pure desire of the Other itself. We can offer our remorse for failing him but he knows there's no such thing as remorse, not really. It was what we desired at the moment of conception, what we've
Modifications MiG 21PFM MiG 21PFM Backup vehicle 100 0 Offensive Armament Secondary Weapons 30 Flight performance Survivability Compressor Fuselage repair New boosters Airframe 13,000 13,0008 Wings repair G suit Ml 19,000 19,0009 Engine Cover 24,0009 24,000% Autopurchase modifications Talisman 2,8004 Offensive 23 mm Armored targets 290 Weaponry Offensive 23 RN mm I FAB 250 New 23 mm cannons. FAB S00 24,0008 memes
I thought of the rifle used for sniping, but it is not a good idea. Of course, the rifle's lethality at a long distance is enough. It is only impossible to have time to aim at the evil devil. It is too big to carry. The idea of using a missile launcher has been there, but it's too messy. In order to defeat the devil and destroy the city, what is the purpose of the Order Knight And I am dirty and dirty, and I can not make too much noise when fighting the demon. In the end, there are only pistols to choose from. It is easy to carry and can be used freely during melee. However, the caliber of the pistol is not enough, and it will not work for some demons. For this I converted into two barrels. Two bullets at the time interval of the launch are also different bullets. One is a bullet that can