INDIAY Massive fire breaks out at Terminal 1 gate of Serum Institute of India in Pune A massive fire broke out at Serum Institute of India in Pune on Thursday afternoon. The blaze was reported near the Terminal 1 gate of the institute. Massive fire breaks out at Terminal 1 gate of Serum meme
Sudania May 28 Short guys are the funniest and I'll protect you queen what are you gonna protect My knees 48 11716 1.6K Short guys everywhere I wish they would all get swept away by a massive tornado AM 20 Jul 2013 Follow Fol Short guys are demons sent from the devil himself AM 11 Aug 2013 1 to meme
Who else thinks the raid on the capitol was set up I really feel like there would be no way for anyone to break in like they did without a massive fighting force and a huge fire fight. Im all for stoping our tyrannical government but something is just off. How is it just one person was shot and killed Would true Americans really lower the flag for Trump flag Why where none of the polititions shot or hurt Im just struggling to wrap my mind around this. If im missing something please let me know meme
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Military Times  January 21 at PM  Update  Because of the MASSIVE backlash over this, we are now being allowed back into the senate building, one soldier told Military Times. We're going to make a big show of marching back into the building. Sen. Duckworth, outraged by media reporting on Guard troops kicked out of Senate, says they will be allowed meme IEUROGAMER Lucasfilm announces open world Star Wars game from Ubisoft's The Division studio This is the way. ByTom Phillips. Massive Entertainment, the owned developer of Tom Clancy's The Division, has begun work on new open world Star Wars game The project utilises The Division's Snowdrop engine and is led by The Division 2 director Julian Gerighty. EA Exclu running out let's GOOOO EA Exclusivity of Star Wars games is running out let's GOOOO memes