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CRIME DOCTOR 119 Dr. Charles Larson wat colon in the U.S. Army Medial Corpn Germany during WW The Mercedes Bene was Waded under orders trom the commanding general of the Tih Army tor rod Mercedes Convertibte. The 1 ylinder German to special one only hee cars bull wast daughter The tom a gratl German to Larson for attending aaughter The {genera later led himeet when the car ran off winding mountain As the onty forensie pathologist on duly inthe southern German eater, Col. Larson entered Dachau only ours was Hberate slacks of Bodies. This pholo lsken by Dr. Larson displayed the Darrendous scenes atthe at death Dachau camp. Or Larn performed more than pousand autopsies at Dachau Images above with captions from John D, MeCallum and Dr. Charles P. Larson, Crime Doetor Merce John Island, WA, USA
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